Penn College’s spring 2017 graduates honored

WILLIAMSPORT — Pennsylvania College of Technology has presented student achievement awards to its Spring 2017 graduates. Those from our area who received awards follow:

r Board of Directors’ Award, presented for achievement under exceptional conditions: and Morgan E. Blackwell, Beech Creek, accounting.

r Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (PICPA) Award, presented for excellence in accounting studies in the School of Business & Hospitality under criteria set forth by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Morgan E. Blackwell, Beech Creek, accounting.

r Lepley, Engelman and Yaw Award, presented to graduates of the legal assistant/paralegal major with the highest GPA: Christopher A. Gehman, Mill Hall, paralegal studies;

r Ronald E. Thompson Memorial Physical Fitness Specialist Commencement Award, presented to faculty-selected graduates of the exercise science major who have demonstrated high academic achievement and promote and practice the principles of wellness and physical fitness: Levi Jordon Veneziano, Bellefonte, exercise science.

r Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award, presented to the graduate of dental hygiene with the highest clinical average in dental hygiene: Kacie Lauren Burns, Bellefonte, dental hygiene.

r Electrical Excellence Award, presented to a college-selected graduate of the electrical occupations major who has exhibited outstanding capabilities in his or her course of study. Sponsored by Schaedler-Yesco Distribution Inc.: Cody H. Grimes, Boalsburg, electrical technology.

r Penn College Machine Shop Faculty Award, presented to a graduate of a two- or four-year automated manufacturing/machining/toolmaking major who exemplifies the college’s philosophy of excellence and exhibits devotion to duty, helpfulness to others and friendliness: Matthew Remington Bean, McElhattan, manufacturing engineering technology.

r Engineering CAD Technology Faculty Award, presented to a faculty-selected graduate of the associate-degree major who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, interest in the field and potential for success in the future: Joseph M. Johnson, Jersey Shore, engineering design technology.