Penn College’s spring 2017 graduates honored

WILLIAMSPORT — Pennsylvania College of Technology has presented student achievement awards to its Spring 2017 graduates. Those from our area who received awards follow:

r Board of Directors’ Award, presented for achievement under exceptional conditions to Morgan E. Blackwell, Beech Creek, accounting.

r Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (PICPA) Award, presented for excellence in accounting studies in the School of Business & Hospitality under criteria set forth by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants to Morgan E. Blackwell, Beech Creek, accounting.

r Lepley, Engelman and Yaw Award, presented to graduates of the legal assistant/paralegal major with the highest GPA to Christopher A. Gehman, Mill Hall, paralegal studies.

r Ronald E. Thompson Memorial Physical Fitness Specialist Commencement Award, presented to faculty-selected graduates of the exercise science major who have demonstrated high academic achievement and promote and practice the principles of wellness and physical fitness to Levi Jordon Veneziano, Bellefonte, exercise science.

r Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award, presented to the graduate of dental hygiene with the highest clinical average in dental hygiene to Kacie Lauren Burns, Bellefonte, dental hygiene.

r Electrical Excellence Award, presented to a college-selected graduate of the electrical occupations major who has exhibited outstanding capabilities in his or her course of study. Sponsored by Schaedler-Yesco Distribution Inc. to Cody H. Grimes, Boalsburg, electrical technology.

r Penn College Machine Shop Faculty Award, presented to a graduate of a two- or four-year automated manufacturing/machining/toolmaking major who exemplifies the college’s philosophy of excellence and exhibits devotion to duty, helpfulness to others and friendliness to Matthew Remington Bean, McElhattan, manufacturing engineering technology.

r Engineering CAD Technology Faculty Award, presented to a faculty-selected graduate of the associate-degree major who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, interest in the field and potential for success in the future to Joseph M. Johnson, Jersey Shore, engineering design technology.