Isaac Ira Graw

This adorable little Superman is Isaac Ira Graw. He turned 3 on July 28, 2014. Isaac is the son of Matt and Chelsea Graw of Farwell.

Isaac celebrated his third birthday on July 20 with a superhero themed party at his house with his family. Isaac is a very smart and active little boy who loves to ask questions and never forgets anything.

He enjoys driving the lawnmower with his daddy, playing games with mommy and playing in his back yard on his swing set. His favorite toys are his cars, Legos and his superhero action figures. His favorite superhero is Ironman. He likes to drive his jeep around the neighborhood and socialize with all his neighbors.

He loves to have visitors stop by to play and he enjoys visiting his Grammy, Pap and Aunt HayHay in Hyner and his Nana, Pap and Uncle RyRy in West Renovo. Isaac enjoys spending time with his Great Aunt Janey, too. He likes going to her house to visit Uncle Tony and Diamond dog. Isaac also loves playing with his four legged friends, Pepper cat and Coco bunny.

Isaac’s grandparents are Teresa and Jerry Francis and Charles and Christine Graw. He is blessed with one aunt, Haley Francis, one uncle, Ryan Graw, and his great-grandmother, Myrna Werts.