Camels, pony rides, clowns, peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy


BELLEFONTE – Come one, come all – the Lewis & Clark Circus is coming to town!

The circus will take place Monday at Lambert Hall Field on the corner of Blanchard Street and Forge Road, with shows at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Lewis & Clark Circus, booked by Theodore Productions, is a one-ring circus that features farm animals, such as llamas, ponies and camels, trapeze artists, hand-balancing acts, and clowns, according to Gary Hoover, executive director the Bellefonte Intervalley Area Chamber of Commerce (BIACC), which is sponsoring the event.

Camel and pony rides will be offered for children prior to the show.

There also will be “The Globe of Death,” a cage in which several motorcycle riders drive around, defying gravity.

Food vendors will offer the typical circus fare, such as peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy.

It has been a long time since a circus has come to Bellefonte, Hoover said.

“Probably, many kids will have the opportunity to go to a circus for the first time in their lives,” he said.

The ticket sales will help raise funds for BIACC beyond member dues to do more things for the community and to help keep member costs low. The majority of members are small businesses and nonprofit organizations, according to Hoover.

BIACC has also arranged with Theodore Productions to take contributions to support free circus passes donated to local youth organizations, according to Hoover.

“We hope that people can take great advantage of this,” he said. “It’s an excellent summertime activity – going to the circus – it’s a time-honored American tradition.”

Last fall, Theodore Productions first reached out to BIACC to sponsor a magic show, which was held in November at Bellefonte Area Elementary School. Reviews of the magic show were very positive and at least three-quarters of the non-balcony area in the school auditorium was full, Hoover said. Another magic show will be held this November, with the date and location to be determined at a later date.

Since the magic show was such a success, when it was mentioned that Theodore Productions also booked circus events, BIACC decided to try and sponsor a circus.

“Adding to Bellefonte’s draw is certainly a big goal,” Hoover said. “The more activities we can have in town, particularly if it works out and we can do this on an annual basis, the more draw Bellefonte has, and the more value it has to our local citizens.”