Jason Eberhart takes over JS State Farm Agency

JERSEY SHORE–Jason Eberhart has taken over the State Farm Agency branch in Jersey Shore, effective today.

Eberhart, a Jersey Shore native, says he is looking forward to working in his hometown amd becoming the face of a branch of a large insurance agency.

“Everyone is so used to doing things online, it’s hard to get good customer service. As a State Farm agent, I get to have that face-to-face interaction. I want to talk to people and get to know them so I can help them make decisions,” said Eberhart.

The branch office located at 265 High St. has an existing customer base that Eberhart will be working with. Prior to becoming a State Farm agent, Eberhart worked for Carrs Trailers & Supplies in Muncy.

State Farm contacted Eberhart and enrolled him in a five-month training program to become a State Farm agent. Eberhart says he took multiple trips to headquarters in Illinois.

“State Farm doesn’t just throw their agents to the wolves. They made sure I was properly trained, and that I was going to be the best agent that I could be. It involved a lot home study but there was a lot of workshops out in Illinois,” said Eberhart.

The prior agent in Jersey Shore, Paul Santos, left due to medical issues on Sept. 30, 2016. Montoursville State Farm agent Tony Dgien has been the interim agent at the Jersey Shore branch while Eberhart was in training.

Eberhart is eager to begin working with his employees and clientele.

Eberhart says that his office will be able to help anyone in need at any point.

Customers are urged to call at any time, 24/7. If the call is made outside of normal business hours, then the call will be transferred to a State Farm call center where the company can take care of any issues a customer may have.

Eberhart is excited to work with his team and meet new customers as well grow the customer base in the Jersey Shore area. He is looking to hire more employees for this location. Anyone looking to work for the branch or ask questions about possible insurance can contact Eberhart at 570-865-5191.