New equipment, doctor at Pine Mountain Dental

SARAH SMELTZ/THE EXPRESS Staff at Pine Mountain Dental include, from left, front, Lisa Killinger, Jackie Coral, Sally Brown, Val Waldmen; back, Carson Brown, Ryan Koch, Ann Lorson, Bridget Motel, Tiffany Kilpatrick, Annette Shoemaker, Liam Register.

LOCK HAVEN — Local dentist Dr. Carson Brown has some exciting news to share with the community this week.

Not only did he talk about some new and exciting equipment at Pine Mountain Dental, but he also introduced Dr. Liam Register, who has joined his dental practice at 550 McElhattan Drive.

It was an open house and there was a lot to see.

This isn’t the first time the dentists have met.

“I’ve known Dr. Register since he was in middle school,” Brown said. He went on to explain that Dr. Register had actually shadowed him when he was in high school and then completed his internship at Pine Mountain Dental before he left for dental school.

A new chair is seen in the office.

When Dr. Register completed dental school in June and joined the staff, the renovations began to take shape.

The actual construction work began on August 15 by Jeff and Mike Stimpson.

These renovations included providing a very sleek open space for new modern equipment now being used in the office. The new equipment includes a new anesthesia free CO2 Laser and Intero Digital Impression tools, both of which provide more comfort and less anxiety for patients.

Dr. Brown and hygienist, Ann Lorson, showed how the tools work.

Dr. Brown used an apple to showcase the new laser, explaining that it’s perfect for those who aren’t fans of numbing shots. It is the first laser that cuts into teeth without the use of anesthesia and can be used for both teeth and gums, he said. The machine is so gentle that it carefully removed only the skin on the apple. Dr. Brown even used it on his finger, saying that it only felt like “pins and needles.”

The machine is one of only 450 in the country and can be used for gums as well as teeth.

Ann was next to demonstrate the intero digital impression tools, which take impressions of teeth without using a plate and terrible tasting paste. The machine guided Ann, telling her where to place the wand each time to take the perfect image of the plaster teeth she used as an example. Ann said this new machine is more comfortable for the patient and can be used for various procedures such as crowns.

Foot activated sinks and a nice view for patient’s without all the dental equipment and spit bowl in the their space are also some of the new improvements.

Many patients came out to see the new additions and weren’t afraid to share their love of the place and of the people.

“This is the best dentist in Clinton County,” Susan Moshier said with a big smile, “and you can quote me on that!”