A variety of options at The Chef’s Station

LAURA JAMESON/THE EXPRESS Richard Wallace, owner of traveling food truck The Chef’s Station, can whip up a large variety of food from chicken tacos to goat cheese salads and can be found at Triangle Park and other locations throughout the city.

LOCK HAVEN — From classic food truck style foods like tacos and quesadillas to more unique options such as goat cheese salads and change your life cheesecake, The Chef’s Station can offer a variety of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

The Chef’s Station, a food truck owned by Richard and Michaela Wallace, has been in business for about a year, having first opened in 2017.

Richard explained he’s owned the truck since 2010 but didn’t have the idea for The Chef’s Station until recently.

“It’s like a sandbox for me,” Richard said, explaining that he gets to create new things and have fun just like a kid in a sandbox.

Richard’s been cooking for 21 years, shadowing a variety of chefs, learning different cooking styles and flavors. He puts all of what he’s learned into his business.

“The Chef’s Station is more than tacos and quesadillas,” he said.

Everyday there can be something new on the menu, from fire roasted beet salad with goat cheese and apple vinaigrette to his “Change your Life cheesecake” occasionally served with locally grown fruits such as strawberries in the summer or red wine poached apples.

“I’m trying to bring some food culture to the table,” he said.

One of his favorite places to set up shop is Triangle Park.

“Triangle Park is a good area where people can slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy their surroundings,” he said. He’s hoping to bring more people to the park to not only enjoy his food but one of the the city’s nice parks.

The food truck also caters.

The Chef’s Station has been as far as Pittsburgh and Lancaster County and can cater weddings, parties and other big events.

To schedule your next upcoming event you cant contact Richard through The Chef’s Station’s Facebook page “The Chefs Station.”

You can also track down where the eatery will be next as well. Richard posts daily updates on the food truck’s location.