Dogwood Circle recognizes park planners


Dogwood Circle Garden Club in Lock Haven is using the original Garden of the Month Award sign to show appreciation to group efforts in gardening endeavors. The first group to be recognized is the Wayne Township Recreation Board and volunteer committee for developing the Wayne Township Nature Park near the entrance of Linnippi Village, McElhattan. Doris Fritz accepts the award from Dogwood Circle members Hazel Myers and Mary Vairo, center. Fritz was instrumental in the park’s development, as were Jane White, Wade Swinehart, Donna McCloskey and Don White. Native plants to feed and shelter birds, butterflies, amphibians and fish line the groomed trail through the park. Flower beds are filled with butterfly bush, butterfly weed, black-eyed Susans, zinnias, sedum, native asters and more, providing caterpillar food and butterfly nectar as well as seeds for birds. Natural areas providing shelter and food for birds and butterflies line the trails as they wind through cool forest growth. An area for fishing and a pond for frogs delight the visitor. More photos may be seen on Dogwood Circle’s website: