LHU faculty honored at Fall Convocation

LOCK HAVEN – Lock Haven University recently held their annual Convocation ceremonies, marking the beginning of the Fall 2016 academic year. Dr. Donna Wilson, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs welcomed both audiences. The main campus celebration took place Wednesday, Sept. 7 in Price Auditorium.

Founder’s Day Convocation at LHU’s main campus traditionally recognizes outstanding faculty members who exemplify core values and who are acknowledged by their colleagues for exemplary scholarship, service, and excellence in teaching. Awards were as follows:

r Dr. Steven Seiler for the University Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Provost Donna Wilson shared that, “Dr. Seiler has a distinguished record of single and multiple-author publications in refereed journals, scientific presentations for learned societies, grants funded, and student research projects mentored.”

r Dr. Lisa Riede for the University Award for Outstanding Service. According to Provost Wilson, “Dr. Riede has served on the General Education Subcommittee since 2009; she has also served on the Outcomes Assessment Committee. In addition, Dr. Riede has sat on a diverse and impressive array of committees which accomplished important work for students and the University, supported by her leadership.”

The University’s Peer Choice Awards were presented by Dr. James Bean on behalf of the Linda J. Emanuel Teaching and Learning Center. Peer Choice Award for Mentoring Excellence-Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman; Peer Choice Award for Pedagogy Excellence-Dr. Jennifer DellAntonio; Peer Choice Award for Mentoring Excellence-Dr. Ellen Patricia “Paddy” O’Hara; Peer Choice Award for Advising Excellence-Dr. Darlene A. Ardary.

The Founder’s Day Convocation speaker, Andrew Salamone, a 1997 LHU alumnus attended American University’s School of International Service in Washington, D. C. from 1997-1999, graduating with a Master’s Degree in International Affairs. For the next two years, he worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an economic analyst. Since 2005, he has worked for the Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. Today, Salamone remains an employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency where he has held a variety of analytic positions. Salamone encouraged students to set goals and pursue them with both determination and resilience. He said, “Determination is about having a firmness of purpose, but resilience is that internal motivation that keeps you going despite setbacks.”