First year, first deer!

PHOTOS PROVIDED Amber Fye poses with her freshly killed deer.

Amber Fye of Blanchard decided it was time to take up hunting. With help from her husband Matt and his father Art, they put up a tree stand. “I’m going to be sitting here and my trophy buck is going to walk right out of that laurel,” Amber remarked. A few weeks past, and on Nov. 7, Matt and Amber went out. He took his climber and she sat in the stationary stand. An hour or so went by when Amber texted her sister and told her she shouldn’t have wasted her last vacation day… that all she’d seen was chipmunks.  It wasn’t 30 minutes later, Amber said, that a buck walked right out from the same laurel she said he was going to walk out of! The sun was setting. She said she watched him about five minutes as he got around 30 yards away from her. She said she wondered if she should get her camera out and take a picture in case she missed so she had proof, but decided to take the chance and shoot! She didn’t miss. He was a 13 point, 20 1/4 inch spread, and measured eight inches from tip of nose to eye.  He’s going to be difficult to beat in the upcoming years, but Amber said she’s sure going to try!