Ladies Order of Hibernians host ‘Old Glory’ speaker

PHOTO PROVIDED The Ladies Order of Hibernians members in Lock Haven include, from left, Jeanne Mullen, Rita Stabley, President Dawn Stabley, Judy Brady, Mary Margaret Winton and Martha Motel. Their guest speaker on Oct. 17 was Sgt. Terry Banfill, far right.

LOCK HAVEN — The Ladies Order of Hibernians learned about “Old Glory” at the Monday, Oct. 17 meeting, from guest speaker Sgt. Terry Banfill.

The women learned when the flag was born. They heard Banfill say our flag is more than just cloth shaped into a design — it is the inspiration for which American patriots give their lives and fortunes and it should always be honored, respected and defended.

Banfill explained what the red stripes, white stripes, blue field, and stars mean and also held a question-and-answer session.

The highlight of the evening was the women learning how to fold the flag.

The evening ended with the playing of “America.”

Banfill said the flag flies not because of the wind — it flies with the last breath of all our veterans who died protecting it, and everyone reflected on veterans who served our country and those who did not return home to their loved ones.