One-room school at English Center


Charles Marshall brought in this photo of the English Center one-room school to share with other Express readers. The photo was taken in October 1950, and the teacher, Mrs. Flora Mathews, taught eight classes. Mr. Marshall tells us that Mrs. Mathews was the wife of the prison warden in Williamsport and took over his term as warden upon his death. The students’ names on the back of the photo start at top left and go row by row down to the front row. They are Glen Suders, Dick Sinsabaugh, Jimmy Patterson, Joe Sinsabaugh, Billy Hughes, Ray Sinsabaugh, Margaret Newcomer, Patty Mahosky, Betty Broughton, Raymond Kephart, Sara Hunsinger, Charles Marshall, the teacher, Elsie Jane Welsh, Vera Kephart, Nancy Newcomer, Sandra Prekope, Donald Patterson, Vonnie Sinsabaugh, Geraldine Prekope, Charlene Prekope, Sharon Mahosky, Robert Emery, Keith Edler, Connie Marshall, James Gardner, Terry Edler, and Leslie Harlem.