Young YMCA swimmers identified


This photo taken at the Lock  Haven YMCA first appeared in the “Old Photo Album” in The Express on Aug. 26. Carol Matheney, aquatics director at the Y at the time this photo was taken, was among the alert Express readers who helped identify the young swimmers pictured here. She believes the photo was taken in 1992 or during the fall of 1993. The swimmers include five children in front, starting at left: Tom Keiffer, Adam Taormina, unknown, Megan Coleman and Liam Register. In front at right are Michelle Caris and Nevan Brooks. Behind Michelle is Natalie Brooks. Behind Nevan is Patrick Long (who is looking to the left). In the second row, starting at left, are two girls and a boy whose names are not known, Andrew Shultz, a boy whose name is not known, Jeremy Sox, Jocelyn Selmer-Larson (owner of Broken Ax Brew House), and Laurel Koller (looking down and to the right). The third row starts at left with the oldest Brooks child (whose first name is not known), Mallory Kieffer and Elizabeth Foster. Also in that row is Robin Koller, behind Jeremy and Jocelyn. In the back row are Rachel Kramer-Williams at center and Chad Glenn at far right.