Classic truck enthusiast identifies vehicle

The Express recently ran a photo of vehicles in the early 1950s waiting in line for two trains, which took 13 minutes to pass, on Bellefonte Avenue, with traffic backed up to Jones Street.

Francis Long of Flemington called and identified the lead vehicle in the photo as a Packard Clipper, probably a 1950 model; the second vehicle as a Dodge, probably a 1938 or ’39; and another vehicle in the far background as a Plymouth from 1939, the kind he said he drove to take his driver’s test as a young man.

He also identified the third vehicle as a Ford dump truck.

Since then, Abe Stauffer contacted us and reported the dump truck is a 1953 F700 or larger. He knows this because, he said, he owns a 1954 F100 and a 1955 F350. Each year’s model has its own distinctive grille, he said.