Budstock music festival to return this summer

Local acts invited to join the line-up for Aug. 5

KEVIN RAUCH/THE EXPRESS Bud and the Dynamics have recently announced they will host Budstock II this summer, to coincide with Chapman Township’s annual community picnic in North Bend. The group is inviting local musicians to join the music festival, set for August 5, a celebration of talent from throughout the county and even beyond. This photo was taken two years ago when the members celebrated the band’s 50th anniversary. From left are Ron Jones, Bud Hallberg, Gary Eberhard and Wayne Stoltz.


For The Express

RENOVO — Fifty-two years ago, local Renovo musicians Bud Hallberg and Paul “Flip” Mills combined their musical talents and formed Bud and the Dynamics.

Two years ago, in 2015, the guys from the band celebrated their 50th anniversary when they hosted “Budstock,” an all-day musical event that brought dozens of acts together for a concert that lasted from morning until late into the night.

Budstock was scheduled to be a one-time event, commemorating the anniversary of Renovo’s most successful band.

But when last summer came and went without a Budstock, many music lovers of the area asked for another one, even though making it an annual event had not been on the radar originally.

Bud and the boys decided this year to answer the calls and are obliging those fans with a return of their music fest this summer.

Bud and the Dynamics will take their show to Chapman Township on Saturday, Aug. 5 so the concert will coincide with Chapman’s annual community picnic held at the old baseball fields in North Bend.

“We had a lot of people asking — actually a surprising amount of people — asking us why we didn’t have Budstock last summer, so we figured we’d plan another one and see how things play out,” said the band’s namesake, Bud Hallberg.

Perhaps the biggest reason behind the undertaking of another musical festival is a chance for Bud and the rest of the band to honor co-founder Paul “Flip” Mills. A book could be written of the experiences Bud and Flip have gone through together since forming their band in 1965, and Hallberg sees Aug. 5 as a chance to let others know how strongly he feels for his musical soulmate whose health is not good now.

“The day will be a tribute to Flip. Everyone seems to know Paul from Renovo, Lock Haven and Howard. He’s well known and we want to put on a day of music in his honor,” Hallberg said of his lifelong friend.

A perfect day would see Flip’s health be steady enough to have him attend the event, but that will not be known until the date draws closer.

The current line-up of Bud and the Dynamics gets together and plays shows quite often. Bud has been joined by Gary Eberhard, Ron Jones and Wayne Stoltz since the early years of the group, and in recent years they have tapped Kelly Whittey to assist in some drumming chores.

In the meantime, the organizers are calling upon all local musicians to tighten up their sets and get ready to join Budstock 2017.

“We’ll take all acts that want to play, solo artists, duos, bands, whatever. If they play live music, we’re more than happy to add them to our set list,” Hallberg said.

Anyone wanting more information on Budstock or to be listed on the bill of performers is invited to call Bud at 570-923-1915 or Gary Eberhard at 570-660-4176.