Local girls dance their way to Disney

PHOTOS PROVIDED At top, Total Technique Dance Academy members pose for a photo dressed in the costumes for their appearance at Disney. They are, from left, front, Brandi Baney, Tatiana Gentzel, Brooklyn Bechdel, Layla Hayes and Jessalyn Bathurd; middle, Madison Stewart, Abby Mumbauer, Eve Eisenhower, Megan Marion, Ari Newlen and Holly Knepp; back, Annette Wockenfuss, Abigail Martin, Jade Stasko, Jen Walizer-Rumbalski, Total Technique Dance Co. owner Lydia Wockenfuss and Abby Bradley. Above at left, Brooklynn Bechdel accepted the trophy presented to the dance team for the dance they performed at Disney.

LOCK HAVEN — For months the lives of girls and their families revolved around a trip to Florida and an opportunity to dance at Disney.

They practiced their dance routines non-stop.

They selected and altered their costumes so they fit just right.

They held fundraisers and collected donations from family and friends.

And they dreamed of what it would be like to walk though the gates into the Magic Kingdom.

That’s all the girls, who takes classes at Total Technique Dance Academy, talked about.

As Christmas passed and the new year began, they were counting the days until they would travel to Florida at the end of February and perform in front of hundreds of people.

They won that honor after being selected by the Disney Youth Program Performing Arts to put on a show at Disney Springs.

The girls had a hard time sleeping at night, all the while wondering if the big day would ever come.

And parents were stressed out, too, hoping they could raise enough money to make this truly a trip of a lifetime for their entire family.

Finally, the time came. They raised enough money. Their bags were packed and they were off.

And then the biggest day of all.

Dressed in their beautiful costumes with hair bows to match, their faces glistened in the lights as they danced their hearts out. It was the moment they had been waiting for… the time they had dreamed of for what seemed like forever.

As the applause filled the auditorium, they beamed with pride.

It was Feb. 28 and they were dancing at Disney.

It was a day they will never forget.

It was indeed a dream come true for these young girls.

They’re still talking about it.

And they’ll probably be talking about it for the rest of their lives.