The Nypen Club Band


This is the program for a performance by the Nypen Club Band on July 23, 1919. The band featured 75 musicians and was an activity of the Welfare Department of the New York and Pennsylvania Co. Lock Haven Mills (a predecessor of Hammermill Paper Co.). The concert took place in Riverside Park, which we believe was in Milton since it was sponsored by Edward Hecht, president of the West Branch Knitting Co. of that community. Frank J. Vierra was the band’s conductor, and Ethel B. Masterson sang soprano for this concert. C. Berry played piccolo. Members of the clarinet section were Ed. Schadt, H. Thurston, B. Beck, R. Weaver, J. Hamilton, A. Widmann, H. Fox, F. Peters, L. Fox, W. Fox, J. Fox, G. Probst, T. Wintry, J. Luzzi, G. Fargus, C. Noll, H. Kissinger, W. Keller, M. Kepler, H. Smith, S. Waters and L. Ardner. On saxophone were A. Ufer, D. Law, E. Chappelle and F. Dorey. In the cornet section were H. Dorey, R. Dorey, C. Schadt, H. Colony, R. Meyers, N. Dunkle, L. Livingston, R. Brownlee, H. Clark, P. Sweitzer, T. Meckley, J. Keller, C. Mauger, F. Cessma, P. Kinley and F. Lucas. In the baritone section were C. Wyble, S. Seabold, H. Lucas and Dr. Weicksel; and in the tenor section were C. Seabold and J. Hamilton. Playing trombone were F. Ubil, C. McLoughlin, E. Smith, H. Dunkle, B. Caskey, J. Frey, A. Jacobs, C. Dietz and A. Jinkins. In the alto section were J. Devling, W. McClintick, W. McCloskey, H. Fisher, F. Boswick, W. Hess and J. Rummer. Playing “sousaphone grands” were R. Adams, E. Dunkle, P. Ressler and J. Roffe. On drums and cymbals were H. Duffield, R. Stewart, F. Dyer, C. Miller, C. Showers and J. Duffield. W. Harris was stage director, H. Bartholomew was secretary, and J. Meyers was property manager.