Renovo High School Band in 1947


The Renovo High School Band is seen outside the school gym entrance, probably in 1947. Some of the band members have been identified since this photo appeared in the “Old Photo Album” in The Express on July 3. Betty Brookens is the lead majorette, standing front and center and wearing a dark top. From Betty Brookens, going to our right are Janice Rhodes, Betty Coover and Virginia Vroman. And from Betty Brookens going to our left are Betty Moore, two unknown girls, and Snooky Scrimshaw who is wearing all white. Also in the front row, second from the far right is a Seid boy, whose first name is not known. He is holding what is probably the school flag. In the second row, starting with the clarinet section at far left, are Peggy Harlan O’Donnell, Barbara Inns Shaffer, Frances Lininger Bauman who now lives in Lock Haven, Patty Dempsey, an unknown boy, Janet Hulings Sexton, Jane Emel, and two unknown boys. In the third row, the fourth person from the left is David Bratz. Jimmy Laubscher is at center, to the left of the plume on Betty Brookens’ hat. Second from right is Ernie English, and at far right is Jane Harber Dibert, holding the bells. In the top row, the second boy from left is a Brown, sixth from left is Frank “Bummy” Fox, and the trombone player who is third from the right is probably Roger Kepler. We thank Rose Kepler who believes she has spotted her father-in-law, Roger, in this group of talented young people, and we especially thank Barbara S. Shaffer of Renovo who provided the other names. If you can identify anyone else, please contact Wendy Stiver at The Express by calling 570-748-6791 or sending an email to