Is one of these shooters Ron Hall?

EXPRESS ARCHIVES This photo of the Mill Hall Fire Company Rifle Team, possibly taken in the late 1950s, was published in The Express “Old Photo Album” on Wednesday, and that very morning, team member Ted Reeder called to identify most of his teammates. Mike Ryan also called to fill in some information, and we thank them both. Between them, they think the shooters are, from left, a shooter who may or may not be Ted Hills, then Mike Ryan, Jack Streck, Ed Ryan, and Ted Reeder. This photo was taken during a match in the basement of Albright’s Barber Shop, across from the old Mill Hall Fire Station on Pennsylvania Avenue, no later than 1959.

Ron Hall of Lock Haven gave us a call to tell us he believes he is the shooter standing second from left in this photo of the Mill Hall Rifle Team, taken no later than 1959 in the basement of Albright’s Barber Shop. Mr. Hall said he was only 14 at the time and was the youngest shooter in the league. He stayed on the rifle team for quite a number of years. “It was a lot of fun,” he said. He said he had a rifle misfire once: “When I lifted the bolt and lifted the rifle up to put it down, the gun fired and it went off and left a bullet in one of the ceiling rafters.” The team raised funds through dues, which were $5 a year in the beginning, eventually going up to $10, and then to $15 per year which he believes is the current amount. An annual league banquet also was held, he said. Another early fundraiser was a candy shoot, with team members buying target cards for 50 cents each, then shooting for boxes of candy. “The most coveted was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,” Hall said. The candy shoot took so long though that it was eventually dropped and replaced with 50/50 drawings. This photo was published in The Express Aug. 30, and again Sept. 2 with teammates identified.