World War II war effort


Rodney R. Stabley of Lock Haven is sharing this photo with other Express readers. It shows local residents who were active in the World War II war effort and was taken in October 1940 by Delos L. Glossner, a professional photographer in Lock Haven. The names on the back of the photo identify the people as, from left, in front: Kathryn Banhart, Archie (Ronnie) Shear, Carrie Shear, Virginia McRae, Jeanne Confer with her mother, Laura Confer, Emma Stabley and a Winchester; and standing: Carrie Troutman, Mabel Peter, Mae Shearer, Carrie Crumley, Annie Cresswell, Dorothy Ramage, Agnes Cohick, and an unknown woman. Anyone who can fill in the missing names is asked to contact Wendy Stiver at The Express community newspaper, at or 570-748-6791.