Mail carrier retires after 34 years


Steve Phoenix retired from his mail carrier position with the Howard Post Office on Nov. 17, 2017. Steve began his mail delivery career when he was hired by William (Bill) Gardner, the former postmaster at the Howard Post Office, on Sept. 6, 1983. His route was known then as the RD #3, Howard Route. Glenn “Tub” Fravel was retiring and he trained Steve a few days on the route. The two full-time mail carriers when Steve first began his career were Bob Day who ran the RD#1 Route and Gary Thornbloom who delivered on the RD#2 Route. Steve continued deliveries on the RD#3 Route for 8 years. At Bob Day’s retirement, Steve became a full time mail carrier on Nov. 16, 1991. He drove the RD#1 Route for 23 years until Kathy Williams retired in 2014 at which time Steve switched back to the RD#3 Route so he could have weekends off. Steve’s plans for retirement are to continue to take care of the small beef herd that he and his wife Karen have at their Fox Hollow farm and to spend more time with his family and friends. He’s looking forward to having more time to cut wood and go hunting. Congratulations to Steve on his retirement.