Ross Library benefits from donations

LOCK HAVEN — The Annie Halenbake Ross Library has benefitted from memorials, honors, and other gifts and donations received during the month of December.

IN MEMORY OF: Kenneth A. Anderson, Sr. from Pete and Deb Smeltz; Susan M. Antram from Judy Lantz and Family; Pauline Baier from Trudy E. Fravel, Bernadette Robbins; Marjery Jane Brown from Dr. Irene S. Lazarchuk and John N. Thomson, Wayne and Pamela McCollough; Jay A. Brungard from Jean Brungard; Shannon Davy from Ron and Sharon Davy; Floyd and Vannie Rupert from Ron and Sharon Davy; Robert and Ruth Davy from Ron and Sharon Davy; Douglas Dow from Tracey Dow; Duane Dow from Tracey Dow; Betty Guerriero from Bill and Roberta Guerriero;

William J. Guerriero from Bill and Roberta Guerriero; Grace Hanna from Larry, Mary and Reid Coploff and Arielle Pacer; Ron Jury from Marjorie and Gary English; Ernest Keen from Bill and Roberta Guerriero, Rhea Keen; John H. LaRose from Pamela Dillett LaRose; Ruth Lentz from Tracey Dow; Gloria Lovette from Michael Bowes, Bill and Roberta Guerriero, Lois June Greninger, Loretta Coltrane, St. Agnes Choir, Bob and Cissy Larsen, Duane and Patti Bechdel, Linda S. Packer, Daniel Harger and Sherrie Burgin, Leo Stahl, The Williamsport Home.

Edward Michura from Diane Michura, with the help of Doug Stoner; Dr. Albert E. Rocuskie from Larryand Mary Coploff; Randall Schantz from Loretta Coltrane; Geraldine V. Summers from Wayne and Pamela McCollough; Bonnie Vonada from Louise Kramer and Mary Eisenhower; Anne M. Welch from Cynthia Janerella; Paul D. Welch Sr. from Cynthia Janerella; Russell I. WilliamsSr. from Barbara Williams.

IN HONOR OF: Ann and Wayne Allison, for their 50th wedding anniversary, from Linda Young, Fred and Anna Snyder, Steve and Letty Peters, Jeanne M. Mullen, Carole Reeser, Ted and Barb McKnight, Rick and Bebe Fultz, Leslie Smith and Jaime Castillo, Lew and Myla Magent, Steve, Jacki and Ashley Hoy, Len and Mary Shepard; Nancy Crissman from Dolly Confer; Susan and Dick Daniels, for their 50th wedding anniversary, from Donna and Glenn DuFour; Roberta Doyle from “Your Secret Sister”; Frances Goodman from Wayne and Ann Allison; Eleanor Kodish from Mark and Rita Filohoski; Ross Library Staff from Marjorie and Gary English; Charles Shuck and Gabe from Donna Dougherty; Diane Whitaker from Loretta Coltrane, Rotary Club of Downtown Lock Haven, Susan Gibson.

OTHER GIFTS AND DONATIONS: Dwayne and Kathleen Allison; Mary M. Cook Charitable Trust; Phillip Feerrar; Friends of Ross Library; Nancy Heilman; Joanne Lonkosky; Myla and Lewis Magent; Wayne and Pamela McCollough; Stephen Poorman and Group, Inc.; Richard Weiler.