SVRCS senior helps Hurricane Harvey victims in a big way

Jacob Jeffries

LOGANTON — Jacob Jeffries, a Sugar Valley Rural Charter School senior, was the guest speaker at a recent Sugar Valley Lions Club dinner meeting.

He is the son of Donnell and Dawn Jeffries of Loganton. He took on a big senior project and spoke to the club about his adventure.

Jacob wanted to give aid to people in Texas after Hurricane Harvey left them in dire need. He contacted companies and many individuals for help to collect supplies such as water, paper goods, cleaning products and also financial aid. He also got sheet rock and items needed for rebuilding.

He raised about $10,000 with his project and ended up with two trucks and trailers. One trailer was filled to the brim with water and supplies to give to hurricane victims. The other trailer was filled with items needed for construction to help people whose homes had been destroyed.

He and his crew of five (including Donnell, his father; Scott Owens and Tom and Shirley Owens) traveled to Orange, Texas. They were referred to Orange Baptist Church where they donated the water and other supplies to be distributed.

The group of five also did manual labor including construction work on many homes for people.

In addition to this volunteerism, they gave $3,000 to the Orange Baptist Church to be given to needy families, $3,000 to the Texas Baptist Men, a relief organization, and $1,000 to a certain family whose house was completely underwater.