Old photo album UPDATE


Sewing group identified

We have received a number of calls and emails about this photo after it was printed recently, and we think we have almost everyone’s name. From left are, seated: Virginia Watkins, Olive Cross Bowman of Mill Hall, an unknown woman, Olivette Fisher, and Mrs. Robert Laird of Mill Hall; and standing: Mrs. Edith Shampansky, Mrs. Ada Sorgen of Mill Hall, Mrs. Mable Dumm, Mrs. Naomi Myers, Mrs. Martha Gerarity, Mrs. Lois Conway and Mrs. Ruth Peters. The photo is titled “Original Sewing Group,” and Express reader Margaret Shuey said she thinks it may be a group that once sewed linens and did mending for Lock Haven Hospital. Another reader, Andy Myers, speculates the photo was taken in the 1960s, and Mrs. Shuey thinks it was taken after 1961. We thank Mrs. Shuey and also Andy, whose grandmother is Naomi Myers and whose great-aunt (Naomi’s sister) is Ruth Peters. We also thank Jann Myers, Charlotte Cooper, Jane Stenzel (granddaughter of Mrs. Sorgen), Rovena Fenstermacher, and everyone else who helped us piece together the names of these talented women.