Create your own STATE



Mrs.Weikel’s 6th grade history classes are giving a modernized spin to regular old education.

At Central Mountain Middle School, sometimes the curriculum can be, well, BORING!

This “Create Your Own State” project was a hands-on experience for students.

The requirements included creating a state name, nickname, state animals, and a state motto. Students also had to design a flag for their state. Geography is a big focus in 6th grade American Studies, so to add to the project Mrs. Weikel required her students to draw an outline of their state and include geographic features and natural resources.

Here are some of Mrs.Weikel’s classes HONEST opinions on the project.

Nate A. rated the project a 10-10! While it took him 3 days to complete, he said “it was totally worth it! I loved having a break from the same old, same old!”

Abigail Z. rated the project a 10-10! It took Abigail only one and a half days to complete her super state! Abigail said, ” I loved being able to personalize EVERYTHING I did! It felt like a break from everyday learning!” Taking a break from original learning was a must for Mrs.Weikel and her Superb 6th graders! They did a great job on making creative names, drawings, and posters for their project!