Independence Day

By Ellie Malkin


Written July 5, 1999

My father couldn’t enjoy the

fireworks of the Fourth of July,

A soldier of World War I,

where he saw so many die.

The blasts and loud booms

reminded him of battles.

How could he forget

when shaken by the rattles?

As a young child I desired to see

all that splendor in the sky,

but not until later did I learn why.

I watch it now with my family and friends.

It lights the night sky

with colors so bright and

I feel no fright.

I understand my father’s fears,

and I bless this land of peace

that has sustained us for

so many years.

Independence is a wonderful

name for the Fourth of July.

And I hope all men and women

should never fear the

wonderful splendor of

sparks in the sky.