The Silver Lining


There are heartaches many people never see.

Another one had to lay their life down for liberty.

A very hard tie for their loved ones and family,

To lay someone to rest in Arlington Cemetery.

The firing party firing three volleys in the air,

Showing people in their sorrow that they care.

To honor the families’ falling they want to share,

To give glory to the one who gave their all there.

Pain and suffering will never make a sound

Until you see those tears that are falling down,

Down from the eyes and onto the ground,

Listening to taps being played in the background.

Then giving a folded flag to a loved one in the family,

Trying to find words of loving care and sympathy.

For the family and friends and loved ones, this is not easy.

How this will work on the family, we may never see.

Now leaving this place of despair, they have to go on,

Trying to put at rest that they have to raise a family alone,

Now leaving Arlington Cemetery and then heading home,

Having to tell a grandchild of a loved one he has never known.


Beech Creek


Dear loved ones,

The last few years have been hard.

The pain of loss was very deep

And untouchable to us all.

It’s true the Lord only hands

Out what he feels we can bear.

So when the time was right

The Lord came and took my hand

Helping me to cross over to a better place.

I left my broken body behind,

My soul entered my heavenly body.

It’s so good to be whole and be me again.

Heaven is a beautiful, peaceful place.

The gardens are filled

With beautiful flowers and plant life.

The streams are clear and clean,

Filled with all kinds of sea life.

The animals live at peace with each other,

Roaming the fields free.

There is no fear, only peace, comfort,

Joy and the warmth of God’s love.

It’s time to let go.

Know I am at peace and content,

So think of me not with tears or sadness

But with love and a smile,

For I am home with the Lord.

His light shines so bright,

Surrounding me with his love.

There is no more suffering,

Only peace, being here.

Please don’t mourn for me,

For I am with loved ones and friends

Who have passed before me.

With open arms and love, they welcomed me,

Just as I will be there to welcome you

When it is your time to cross over.

Treasure all the good memories of me,

For death can never take them away.

What I taught you about life

Will always live in your hearts.

When you are deep in need,

Not knowing what to do,

Just follow your heart.

I’ll be there with you,

Helping you make your way,

For my love is eternal,

Always being a part of all of you.

May God’s blessing give you peace

and comfort knowing I am alright.


North Bend


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