Historical writer coming to the area

Author of book on Clinton/Lycoming moonshiner/bootlegger

SELINSGROVE — Guy Graybill, of Selinsgrove, is a veteran writer with Sunbury Press, Inc., publishing house of Mechanicsburg, and author of six books, many involving area history, which can be found on the Sunbury Press site, Amazon.com and other outlets.

Book topics include Pennsylvania History (“Keystone”), Russian folk tales (“Frost!”), the biography of a Clinton/Lycoming counties’ moonshiner/bootlegger (Two volumes, as “Prohibitions Prince” and “Prince and the Paupers”, with plans to create a one-volume work); a book of commentary and poetry, entitled “Whimsey and Wry”, and his latest work, “Intoxication Nation”, a modern temperance work.

An earlier book on the Italians’ unique contributions to music, “Bravo!”, is set for publication in England (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) with the fresh title of “Italy’s Primacy in Musical History”. That book also got him speaking engagements in ten meetings across the state, from Renovo and Lock Haven to Malvern and South Philly.

“Intoxication Nation” is described by one reviewer as offering “witty sarcasm.”

Graybill says that this book is likely the most caustic bit of writing the reader will ever encounter. The author says that he enjoys reading writing that reveals witty sarcasm and used that same writing style throughout the book. This work offers a fresh take on temperance (clearly separating the exemplary drinkers from the problem drinkers, for example), on the magnitude of America’s alcohol problem; the impact that alcoholic excess has on every single body system; the absurdity of campus intemperance and the neglect of the call for “domestic Tranquility” found in the U.S. Constitution.

Among Graybill’s first formal writings was the script for a bicentennial record album, “Colonial Keystone,” that was recorded in Northumberland and was narrated by the late Lorne Greene.

Lock Haven University’s online environmental magazine, “Hemlock”, has published at least one of Graybill’s poems, one of his pictures and an article that he had written.

Graybill, within the last two months has had book-signing events in America’s oldest book store in Bethlehem, Pa., and at Gettysburg College and he is scheduled for book signing events this month in Rebersburg at Keith Bierly’s Forefathers Book Shop, and in Don Kline’s Valley Gallery in Nippenose Valley. He has spoken to dozens of groups, most recently being an October talk before the local D.A.R. in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Guy Graybill is a recently widowed father of four. He is a graduate of Gettysburg College, with scholarship work at Bucknell, Temple, Penn State, Puget Sound and Georgetown.

Mr. Graybill taught secondary history for more than 30 years in Middleburg; plus another year in Colorado and two additional years in Loganton, PA.

He chaired the Board of Commissioner of Snyder County for one four-year term.

Graybill’s scenic photography has been published on dozens of magazine covers, plus church bulletins, greeting cards, etc.

Although Guy Graybill continues to write and publish, he still finds the time to contribute the occasional pint of blood. His most recent donation, nearing his 120 pint, was given on Nov. 7.