Last hand standing wins Mini Cooper

SARAH SMELTZ/THE EXPRESS Seven people are trying to win a Mini Cooper this weekend at Miller Brothers in Mill Hall.

MILL HALL — There’s a big-time battle going on at Miller Brothers Auto Sales in Mill Hall this weekend.

For more than two days, seven customers will try to keep their hands on a 2006 Mini Cooper S. Come Sunday evening, the last person with their hands on the automobile wins the car.

According to Bob Miller, president of Miller Brothers, the idea to give a car away is nothing new.

“My dad did it back in 1973,” Miller explained. “We had a ‘Hands on a Duster’ contest when we had the Chrysler garage. That (contest) lasted 72 hours.”

The contest has been dormant since 1973. It’s been 45 years in the making.

“This is the first we’ve done one since then,” he said.

On Friday afternoon, the contest was just getting started. However, Miller had his own impressions of those with their hands planted on the Mini Cooper.

“I think they’re crazy,” Miller joked, “but someone is going to get the car. And it’s a nice little car.”

The 2006 car has 40,000 miles – so there’s a lot of life left in it.

To make sure that there’s no cheating, Miller has his staff taking shifts all weekend to keep an eye on the contestants. They will get 15-minute breaks every two hours. However, there is to be no leaning, laying down or sleeping while competing to win the car, Miller said.

The employees who are taking shifts this weekend will have Monday off as a reward.

“When you do stuff like this, you never know how it’s going to go,” Miller said. “But this will make a nice little Christmas gift for someone.”

Miller is hopeful that people will stop by to check out the contest.

“You can stop by at 3 a.m,” Miller said with a laugh “The doors will be open and someone will be here.”


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