Residents asked to take survey on riverfront improvements

From staff reports

RENOVO – Elected and civic leaders in Western Clinton County are seeking area residents’ help to improve the region and connect more people to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

The Western Clinton County Susquehanna River Town Team – a group including local officials and residents from Renovo, South Renovo, and Noyes Township – has been working with the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership to identify project ideas for the future.

The first project to come from this process was the recently constructed 5th Street River access, but this team has many more ideas for improvement. This sketch plan shows one such idea – redeveloping the Renovo Riverfront as public open space. To initiate this, Renovo Borough acquired and demolished several deteriorated properties between 5th Street and 7th Street and secured a Peer Grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to develop a conceptual sketch plan for the riverfront. Since they also own the old school lot west of 7th Street (adjacent to the Renovo library) the desire is to connect these properties using sidewalks and creating open spaces for public events.

Following are key components of the plan at this time:

– This plan shows understated development including a walkway at the bottom of the bank (near river level), and another at the top of the bank. These are connected at the river access and at the library using ramps to transition the elevation differences.

– There are five private properties impacted by these pathways, but the landowners have been meeting with us and are supportive of the plan. Prior to submitting any grant applications for this project, some survey/title work will need to be completed relative to the old school lot. If anyone can assist with this work please contact Renovo Borough.

rThe concept shown proposes pathways with benches and trees to provide open spaces for public gatherings and events.

– The area by the library is a Town Green – with open lawn, perimeter shade trees, walking paths, and a pavilion near the library for summer programming and picnics.

– The area along 6th Street is more of a Plaza – with a wide paved area down the center, flanked by open space on both sides for activities and events like craft fairs or a farmers’ market.

“The plaza also includes a splash-pad. This would be a flush concrete surface with a spray fountain to provide relief from summer heat and create a fun community gathering area.

Before moving these project ideas forward, it is important to understand how you use the riverfront now, how you would like to use it, and what ideas you have for public use. The River Town Team is seeking public feedback regarding this plan and the ideas shown, which you can provide using an on-line survey at

If you have any questions or would like to be part of the River Town Team, please send a message at