HELP for Pets serves 118 pets since it began

LOCK HAVEN — Since 2011, 118 pets in Clinton County have been helped by the Hardship Emergency Loan Program (HELP) for Pets.

The number was released at the annual membership meeting of HELP for Pets which was held on Feb. 28 at Avenue 209.

The mission of HELP for Pets is “to provide interest free loans to pet owners of Clinton County who have exhausted all other financial means to allow for urgent treatment of their pets, thus alleviating unnecessary euthanasia.”

HELP for Pets offers the Chessie Spay/Neuter program, an interest free loan program for Clinton County pet owners established to provide assistance with spay and neutering expenses, procedures so vitally important in curbing pet overpopulation. With the combined programs, HELP for Pets has helped 118 pets in Clinton County.

The volunteer board of directors and volunteer officers were elected for 2019.

Officers elected include: Christina Frank, veterinary liaison and founder; Pam Blesh, president; Debra Mitchell, vice president; Deb Tarantella, secretary; Jackie Parucha, treasurer, and board members Jeannie Bennett, Krish Pillai and JoAnn Williams.

The next meeting of the board is at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 30 at Avenue 209. Everyone is welcome.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to HELP for Pets can send checks to P.O. Box 541, Lock Haven, Pa. 17745.