Ruby Rae recovers… thanks to HELP for Pets

Ruby Rae

(Editor’s note: This is one of many stories from HELP for Pets where the organization’s financial help has allowed a pet to recover from injuries or illness.)

Ruby Rae is not fond of Amish buggies. Her family witnessed their beloved dog charging toward the noise, but were unable to stop her from slipping beneath the buggy wheel.

After contacting Ruby’s veterinarian and discovering the diagnosis, the family determined that they were unable to afford the complete payment for the required services. Ruby’s veterinarian suggested HELP for Pets so that Ruby could be appropriately treated and the family could afford the procedure.

HELP for Pets was established as Hardship Emergency Loan Program for Pets in an attempt to fill a vital need in Clinton County. Owners are loaned a portion of the veterinary bill incurred when they cannot afford to pay the complete amount.

Ruby’s owner recalls that the process of application was easy. She completed an application at the veterinary office and was immediately approved for assistance.

HELP for Pets has loaned nearly $60,000.00 to Clinton County residents whose pets required urgent care that they could not afford. These interest-free loans impact not only the pets’ lives, but the owners’. “I can’t bear to think about it,” said Ruby’s owner when asked what she would have done if HELP for Pets funding was not available. “I honestly don’t know.”

Ruby has recovered fully from her buggy encounter. “The dog is particularly precious to the entire family. Her pain is our pain and we cannot imagine our lives without her. HELP for Pets made it possible!”

The group is funded by loan repayment and donations. 118 Clinton County pets have benefited from the volunteers who tirelessly work to ensure that no Clinton County pet dies of “financial euthanasia.” Contributions to HELP for Pets may be made via paypal at the group’s website: www.help4petspa.us.