Time to vote for your ‘baby sweetheart’

JERSEY SHORE — The Baby Sweetheart Contest has begun.

Seventeen little boys and girls, ages 3 to 5, are entered in this year’s contest, which is part of the week-long Town Meeting celebration.

The photos of these youngsters are now on display at the Jersey Shore Public Library, 110 Oliver St., and monetary votes are being accepted in boxes attached to the photos during the library’s regular business hours of Monday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For 25 cents, the child whose photo is on the box will receive 25 votes; four quarters equals 100 votes; $5 in quarters equals 500 votes; a $1 bill equals 125 votes; a $5 bill equals 625 votes and a $5 bill and three $1 bills equals 1,000 votes.

Voting will end on June 29.

The top voters — four boys and four girls — will be finalists and ride in the Jersey Shore Fourth of July Parade on July 3. The king and queen baby sweethearts will be announced during a ceremony following the parade. They will receive gift certificates. All eight finalists will receive a trophy and ride tickets for the Jersey Shore Town Meeting.

The Baby Sweetheart Contest is sponsored by Laur Alpha Omicron and Xi Eta Theta, Jersey Shore Chapters of Bets Sigma Phi.

Contestants are:

∫ Kamdyn Markley, 3, son of Jessica Wetzel and the late David Markley of Jersey Shore.

∫ Christopher Koons, 4, son of Jason Koons and Jaime Koons of Jersey Shore.

∫ Chase Fink, 3, son of Amber Fink and Jason Fink of Jersey Shore.

∫ Carson Winchester, 3, son of Hannah Shoemaker and Josh Winchester of Jersey Shore.

∫ Reece Bower, 4, son of Angela and Kenneth Bower of Williamsport.

∫ Jack Henry Heydrich, son of Matthew Heydrich and Alanna Neidig of Avis.

∫ Carlie Ann Breen, 4, daughter of Brian and Nicole Breen of Jersey Shore.

∫ Jetta Miller, 3, daughter of Jessica Poorman and Ryan Miller of Jersey Shore.

∫ Lillian Messersmith, 3, daughter of Meghan Messersmith and Brandon Messersmith of Jersey Shore.

∫ Katherine Steinbacher, 4, daughter of Kenneth and Amanda Steinbacher of Williamsport.

∫ Taylynn Derr, 4, daughter of Seth and Jessica Derr of Cogan Station.

∫ Karlee Hill, 3, daughter of Charles Hill and Tina Hill of Jersey Shore.

∫ Aubrey Brewer, 3, daughter of Matthew and Katie Brewer of Jersey Shore.

∫ Marissa Spega, 3, daughter of Daniel and Beth Spega of Linden.

∫ Raelynn Sellinger, 3, daughter of Brian Sellinger and Stephanie Rayson of Linden.

∫ Cheyenne Fox, 5, daughter of Nicole Travis and Max Fox of Jersey Shore.

∫ Mallory Corter, 4, daughter of Sara Dalton and Jason Corter of Jersey Shore.

∫ Alexandra Steinbacher, 5, daughter of Kenneth and Amanda Steinbacher of Williamsport.