Westport School students in 1920s


Students from Westport School pose for photographs sometime in the 1920s. They are, top row from left, Betty DeHaas, Alitha Pitts, Janet Hulings, Eva Watson, Louis Crock, Twilia Walters, Tom Ransdorf and teacher Mrs. Loudenberg. Second row, Donald King, Sarah Finnegan, Wanda Wertz, Bill Ransdorf, Walter Shank, Amy Lou Kepler, Lee Stewart and Queben Fleisher. Third row, Jeanetta Ransdorf, Beverly Jeans, Pat Lowery, Mary Lou Summerson, Grace Kepler, Louise Morton, Roger Wertz and Francis McGlocklin. Fourth row, Greta Kepler, Dorothy Summerson, Jean Shank, Rose Fleisher, Edith Dodd, Rosalee Walters, Ted Arndt and Shirley Stover. Thank you western Clinton County Historian Charlie Barnum for sharing this photo with our readers!