Women in Business

LOCK HAVEN – Whether it’s a love of art, animals, cleaning, or people, the women business owners interviewed by The Express have a heart for what they do-and they’re good at it.

For Brenda Frazier, 29-year owner of Brenda Kay Frazier’s Beauty Shop based out of her home in Beech Creek, business is all about people. She loves her community family, especially the elderly and handicapped who she pampers in their homes, getting to know them as she washes and cuts or perms their hair. She calls some of the older folks her “grandparents.” She recognizes it is all of these people who have given meaning to her job. And when they pass away, she sees it as a loss from her own heart.

“Through the years, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of wonderful, wonderful people and they’ve touched my life in a very special way, and it’s sad when you lose them,” Frazier said. “I get very attached I get to meet (them) and their families and have a relationship with them, too.It’s all about people, really, it is. I can’t say enough about the ladies I’ve had through the years who have been like grandparents to me.”

The other great part about her business is the flexible scheduling. For her, family always comes first, and she especially values her by-appointment-only policy since she’s about to be a first-time grandmother. Her daughter, Elizabeth Williams, is due to have her baby in March, and Frazier goes to every doctor’s appointment with her. Once Williams has her baby, Frazier hopes she’ll join the family business as a colorist.

Her business’s roots are with her father, Marshall Shade. He encouraged her to start the business.

“My dad thought that was the ideal situation, to raise your family and work from home,” Frazier said.

He built her first shop in his and her mother’s home in 1983. A year and a half later, he passed away from a heart attack.

“He was only 41, he was very young. He would be proud of what I’m doing. He did everything to get me started,” Frazier, now 47, said.

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