Penns Valley Outfitters — A destination for Happiness

Where can you find an an outfitters shop, funky vintage clothing shop, and a spot for interesting antiques and home decor, all in one spot?

The answer is simple – Millheim.

On East Main Street stands a simple 19th century, two story house that undoubtedly, for years harbored families, the raising of children, and both good and hard times. Located at 112 East Main, and a neighbor to the Penns Valley Meat Market, the property was beginning to be a little run down and in need of a good paint job.

This is where Craig and Maria Shroyer, who were previously from Ashville, N. C., come in. The house went up for sale, and before they even saw what the inside of it looked like, they bought it, “We actually owned a house in Coburn that we rented out and found out that the building, on East Main Street, was for sale,” said Craig, “and due to the growth and renaissance of Millheim we decided that this old house would be a good spot to put an outfitters.”

The renovations began in the fall of 2011, and according to Mr. Shroyer the improvements took a village. “The paint was donated at cost by Hosterman and Stovers Hardware, and Richard from Penns Valley Jewelers was there everyday helping us paint. Those are just a few people that helped this all become possible. In February of 2012, we opened.”

This past spring, the Outfitter’s decided to downsize a little bit, and moved its space to only one of the rooms on the bottom floor of the house, making way for two other businesses.

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The Penns Valley Outfitters on East Main Street, at left, offers a variety of outdoor equipment for land and water, and has now opened its home to Angtiques antique shop, and Lizzie Belle’s vintage clothing boutique. Above, colorful kayaks sprawl over the yard on a hot summer’s day.