Man jailed for heroin possession, intent to deliver

LOCK HAVEN – A state trooper’s observations and instincts as he saw two men driving through the city on Wednesday turned into a heroin delivery arrest.

Marvin Jamar Griddle, 44, of 40 E. Church St., has been charged with delivery of heroin, possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. Griddle was arraigned and jailed at the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

State Trooper Tyson Havens of the Lamar barracks, reported he and Trooper Edward Dammer were traveling east on East Church Street in a marked state police cruiser at about 1:30 p.m. yesterday when he observed a white male later identified as Jassen Bower and a large black male later identified as Griddle in a brown 2000 Chevy sedan, parked and running in front of 40 E. Church St. The trooper said Bower was in the driver’s seat and Griddle was in the front passenger’s seat.

“Suspecting that a drug transaction could be taking place,” Trooper Havens said they circled around the block.

“Approximately 30 seconds later, as we turned east onto East Church Street, one block west of 40 E. Church St., I observed Bower depart in the vehicle. The black male was no longer inside the vehicle and had disappeared,” Havens wrote in his report.

Bower traveled around behind 40 E. Church St. and parked the vehicle and the troopers parked several car lengths east of him, and Havens approached on foot while Dammer remained inside the vehicle, the report states.

“Bower was observed to be under the influence of suspected heroin and further consented to a search of his vehicle. The search yielded the discovery of one blue glassine bag containing heroin and a heroin kit containing numerous empty blue glassine bags, a needle, cotton and a spoon,” Havens said.

Bower was advised of his Miranda rights and gave a tape recorded confession, telling police that the black male in his vehicle was Marvin Griddle and that he had just purchased a bag of heroin from Griddle for $15, Havens said.

There was a cellular telephone in his vehicle’s front passenger seat and Bower said that Griddle left the phone in his vehicle when he got out after seeing the troopers drive past in the police car the first time. Bower told police that Griddle went inside 40 E. Church St.

“I then approached the front door of 40 E. Church St. and knocked on the door. The door was answered by Natasha Lynn Mills of the same address. Mills advised that she was the girlfriend of Griddle and related that Griddle was in the first floor bathroom, approximately 15 feet away from me through the living room.

“At the same time, the bathroom door opened and Griddle looked out before quickly shutting the door and turning on the water. Believing that Griddle was destroying evidence, I entered the bathroom and observed six blue glassine bags in the toilet bowl. Griddle quickly flushed the toilet as I took custody of him,” Trooper Havens wrote.