Around the Town

Good day

To Eileen Forbes of Lock Haven.

Pet photos

The Clinton County SPCA Christmas Pet Pictures will be taken Saturday at Citizen’s Hose Fire Hall on Bellefonte Avenue (next to McDonald’s) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call the shelter at 570-748-4756 to schedule your appointment.

Holiday pecans

Mackeyville United Methodist Church is taking orders for this year’s pecan sale. As always, the pecans are this year’s fresh crop from Georgia. This is the 45th year the church has run this fundraiser. To order, call 570-726-6127 or 570-726-4333. The pecan orders are expected to arrive here this month, and they usually arrive in time for Thanksgiving.

Festival of Trees

Now is the time to plan to enter a tree, wreath or holiday centerpiece in the annual Festival of Trees. The festival will be held on a new date, Saturday, Nov. 12, at Covenant United Methodist Church. Donate a decorated tree for the silent auction, with the proceeds going to your favorite charity or organization. The festival is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Downtown Lock Haven. For more information or to register, email festival or call Wendy Stiver at 570-295-3443.

SPCA seeks


You might have noticed stray cats here and there in the community, and with cold weather upon us, there’s always the chance for a tragic end for these felines. The SPCA is making a general request for “Omaha Steak” or equivalent sized coolers. A volunteer will convert them into kitty shelters. Coolers may be dropped off at the Clinton County SPCA, 33 Mill Hill Road, Lock Haven, phone 570-748-4756.

Happy birthday

Christine Harter of Lock Haven … Gretchen Carey of Lock Haven (yesterday).



Ken and Joanna Condo of Lock Haven, 60 years.

Pa. Lottery



Pick 2: 8-4, Wild: 1

Pick 3: 2-9-8, Wild: 1

Pick 4: 7-4-4-7, Wild: 1

Pick 5: 2-0-4-3-2, Wild: 1

Treasure Hunt:


$30,000 estimated jackpot


Pick 2: 1-1, Wild: 9

Pick 3: 7-1-9, Wild: 9

Pick 4: 3-5-4-6, Wild: 9

Pick 5: 4-3-9-3-2, Wild: 9

Cash 5:


Powerball estimated jackpot: $198 million

Mega Millions estimated jackpot: $40 million