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Good day

To Shonah Hunter of Mill Hall.

Youth raffle

ticket returns

It’s time for youth organizations to return raffle tickets for the Mill Hall Kiwanis Youth Raffle. Participating organizations should return the sold ticket stubs, unsold tickets, and the completed letter with the tickets, by Thursday, Nov. 10. Return them at the STEP Senior Community Center in the Mill Hall Fire Hall, open from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Just for you

The Bald Eagle United Presbyterian Church Prayer Shawl Ministry continues to offer prosthesis kits free of charge to all ladies who have had to undergo a mastectomy. The kits come two to a pack, with washing instructions, and the prostheses are made with hypo-allergenic yarn especially designed to be against the skin. There is no latex involved at all. The prostheses are made to size, so cup size is needed. Jane Winn heads this part of the ministry and can be reached at 570-484-1680.

Happy birthday

Samantha Berry of Beech Creek … Kelly Raudabaugh of Flemington.



Ward and Shirley Barner.

Pa. Lottery



Pick 2: 0-9, Wild: 8

Pick 3: 2-4-4, Wild: 8

Pick 4: 3-5-7-7, Wild: 8

Pick 5: 0-8-7-1-5, Wild: 8

Treasure Hunt:


$30,000 estimated jackpot


Pick 2: 3-5, Wild: 7

Pick 3: 1-3-6, Wild: 7

Pick 4: 0-8-7-7, Wild: 7

Pick 5: 2-2-6-1-4, Wild: 7

Cash 5:


Powerball estimated jackpot: $217 million

Mega Millions estimated jackpot: $47 million