KCSD summer recreation program ends successful year



MILL HALL — The Keystone Central School District’s  summer recreation program had  another  successful year of worthwhile supervised leisure time activities for the region’s youth, according to program director John H. Bailey, who recently updated the school board on another summer season of  success.

“The philosophy of the program has always been ‘A child educated only in school is an uneducated child,'” Bailey said.

Over the season, he said, several programs were offered that expanded young  people’s world view:

– The Clinton County Women’s Center made a presentation on “Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch.”

– The Penn State Cooperative Extension presented a program on nutrition.

–  Police officer Jeff Fritts presented advice on gun safety.

–  Through the ‘Safe Schools Program,’ and PEP grant program , pedometers were provided to youngsters at 11 playgrounds in the school district’s summer recreation program. A total of 165 participated. Steps taken on the pedometers were checked periodically participant walked the equivalent of 27 miles.

Bailey said programs of past years were also conducted.

“The public has come to expect the best of Keystone Central, and this summer recreation program is no exception,” he said.

Keystone Central cooperates with nine communities, the county, the Clinton County Community Foundation, the Clinton County Women’s Center, and the Penn State Cooperative Extension to create a well rounded effort.

“We stressed the importance of physical activity for all participants at all playgrounds, and our staff made sure this happened,” Bailey said.

The approximate cost of the program for wages only was $38,204 or $768 under budget.  The municipalities paid half the actual cost of supervision. Clinton County government  contributed $8,565 and the Clinton County Community Foundation contributed $7,150, and the Clinton County Women’s Center and Penn State’s costs were approximately $3,000 each.

For 2016 the municipalities also spent just under $ 5,000 for equipment and supplies.

The school district also provided two vehicles and gasoline for administering the entire summer program.

Bailey also offered gratitude to local media for the publicity those agencies provided.

The school board:

-Approved a number of  policies to reflect changes recommended  by the Pennsylvania School Board Association.

– Approved the bills for payment in the amount of $3,074,062.

– Approved the first quarter student activity reports for the high schools and middle school.

– Approved the Dual Enrollment Agreement between the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Keystone Central School District for the 2016 2017 school year.

– Approved the agreement between NRG Controls North, Inc. and Keystone Central School District to deal with computer system upgrades.

– Approved the first quarter student activity reports for the high schools and middle school, with first quarter ending Balance  of $179,037.56

– Approved the Mill Hall Community Park Baseball Field Usage Agreement between the Keystone Central School District and Mill Hall Borough.

– Approved uncompensated leave of absence requests for Danielle Englert, food services; Todd Brian, school resource officer; Robert Getz, school resource officer; Brenda Bechdel, teacher associate, at Liberty-Curtin Elementary School; leave of absence request for Robert DeHaas, housekeeper.

– Employed Leslie A. Felmlee, as building assistant/personal assistant.

– Named SMILES volunteers for the 2016-2017 school year Cynthia Karichner and Darlene Martin.

– Named support substitutes for the 2016-2017 school year Joni Jodun and Ruth Toner.

– Employed of Rexallen Schrum as a bus driver for Susquehanna Transit Company for the 2016-2017 school year.

– Approved termination of Kristine D. Kanouff, effective November 3, 2016.

– Approved a leave of absence request for Sherry McGraw, music teacher, at Robb and Woodward Elementary Schools, from Oct. 18 through Nov. 23.

– Approved uncompensated leave of absence request for Ashley Crust, itinerant music teacher, from January 10, 11, and 17, 2017.

– Named the student clubs, co-curricular organizations, and advisors for the 2016-2017 school year.  All clubs and organizations are recommended by building administrators and satisfy established district criteria regarding advisors, constitutional guidelines, meetings and hours.

– Approved salary and step placement adjustment for Michelle Bower, Title I reading teacher at Liberty-Curtin Elementary and Renovo Elementary. (Pay, and benefits are in accordance with the current collective bargaining agreement.)

– Approved the termination of Sue E. Weise, effective Nov. 3.

– Approved the resignation of Tyler Barth as assistant baseball coach at Central Mountain High School, effective Oct. 10.