Woman publishes fourth children’s book

SPENCER McCOY/THE EXPRESS Author, painter and photographer Leona Palski displays her four “Dimples the Snowman” books. Her latest book — “Dimples the Snowman and the Snow Fort” — is now available ... call her at 570-772-9680 and she’ll see that you get a signed copy in time for Christmas giving.

ANTES FORT — Growing up in beautiful central Pennsylvania, Leona Palski said she was always drawing, painting and coloring.

But it wasn’t until she was married and had two grown children, that she was able to pursue the true artist that was inside her.

Now she is able to spend time creating not only beautiful paintings, but also her very own fun, and lovable character, “Dimples the Snowman,” for kids …and adults.

“My daughter has dimples, so Dimples was born,” Leona said, explaining how her favorite snowman got his name.

Leona lives in Antes Fort and has just published her fourth “Dimples” book. This one is titled “Dimples the Snowman and the Snow Fort,” and it’s now available for purchase, just in time for holiday giving.

The author wrote her first book, “Dimples the Snowman” in 2013. Two more followed close behind —“Dimples the Snowman and Friends,” and “Dimples the Snowman and the Lost Kitten.”

Each one is a delightful story about Dimples that children and adults enjoy. The print is large and easy to read.

The artwork on the books’ pages is just as exciting. It too is the work of Leona, who not only writes the stories, but also paints each page by hand, giving Dimples life with the stroke of a paint brush.

Dimple’s friends are also Leona’s creations, some of whom she’s named after members of her family…. like the dog, Rascal after the family pet; two ducks, Lisa and Derrick, named after her daughter’s friend Lisa and her husband. A white duck is named Debbie after one of her friends and the bunnies are Billy and Kaylee, named for her grandson and his girlfriend.

“I write the story, draw the illustrations and paint the pages by hand,” Leona said as talked about her joy in the finished product.

She’s had some help from her brother James Eisenhauer of Lock Haven who does the computer work, and Katie Terry of Jersey Shore, who is her editor. “I couldn’t do it without them,” she said.

Leona also works full-time at the West Co. in Jersey Shore.

“It takes me a long time to finish a book, but I love doing it,” she said, wondering aloud how much more she could do if she didn’t work fulltime, and perhaps looking to the day that may happen when she retires.

Besides the “Dimples” books, Leona also sells cards, sweatshirts, tee-shirts and tote bags with the familiar snowman on the front.

“I just love drawing and photography,” she continued, noting that she has also sold several of her photographs.

She’s a very busy woman, but takes time to sign and deliver her “Dimples” pieces to those who purchase them.

Just call her at 570-772-9680 and she’ll take your order, sign it and bring it to your door, just in time for Christmas.

The books are also available on Amazon.com, at Otto’s Book Store in Williamsport and Valley Gallery and Gifts in Rauchtown.