Civil action against Poorman dropped in Rosemeier case

LOCK HAVEN — Mrs. Robert J. Rosemeier has dropped her civil action against Stephen P. Poorman and Co. Inc.

Lorrieann P. Rosemeier asked for a preliminary court injunction Nov. 3 that would stop the company from handling the business affairs of her estranged husband, Robert. A hearing was held Nov. 15, then continued until Dec. 29.

Poorman has said he holds the powers of attorney for both Mr. Rosemeier’s financial affairs and his medical affairs. His company also filed for divorce on Mr. Rosemeier’s behalf less than two weeks after Mrs. Rosemeier filed for the preliminary injunction.

Neither Mrs. Rosemeier nor her attorney appeared in court for the second day of the hearing and neither told the court ahead of time they would not be there. Judge Michael Salisbury gave them 10 days to send a written explanation for their absence. He also awarded Poorman the attorney fees and costs for that day and released from escrow about a month and a half worth of payments to Poorman and Co. from Mr. Rosemeier’s business The Collision Center auto repair shop.

On Jan. 3, Mrs. Rosemeier’s attorney asked to withdraw from the civil action, and the judge granted the request. He also withdrew the order that payments to Poorman and Co. go into escrow.

The civil action is over.

Mr. Rosemeier, who now resides in Manor Care nursing home, sold the corner of Commerce Street and Bellefonte Avenue to a developer who has built a large CVS pharmacy store there. The sale did not go through without its day in court, however, with Poorman and Co. asking for more money for Mr. Rosemeier. That bid failed.

The CVS was slated to open in late January or early February, but the opening date has been pushed to Sunday, the day many Lock Haven University students return to start the new semester.