Consultant hired to look at ‘shared regional services’

LOCK HAVEN — The Clinton County commissioners are continuing to take steps to investigate the possibility of “shared regional services,” to enhance local emergency communications as a way of reducing cost via shared efforts by counties and a more integrated approach to statewide emergency systems.

On Thursday, at the recommendation of Emergency Services Director Kevin Fanning, the commissioners entered into an agreement with MCM Consulting Group Inc. for project management for a regional telephone system for a one-year term in the amount of $48,000.

Some months ago the board supported a $30,000 study of the local 911 system – at no cost to the county.

Fanning said the study will enhance local capabilities while reducing costs by counties joining their associations of software and hardware across county boundaries.

The idea is to encourage the ability to interconnect systems, Fanning said.

For example, Fanning said, a full statewide survey could determine if a communications tower owned by the state could be used by a county, thereby reducing the need for multiple communications towers in a small area.

The study is designed to provide “direction and incentive for regionalization of technology and voluntary consolidation while still honoring county discretion in the administration of the system,” according to officials.

In other actions:

r The board approved an agreement with Guardian RFID System at the Clinton County Correctional Facility to better manage, track and monitor the activity of inmates at the prison via radio-frequency wristbands, for a three-year term at an annual renewal fee of $3,500.

r Liquid fuels requests were approved for West Keating Township for $763, and Lamar Township for two highway lighting agreements, in the amount of $806.57 and $5,259.93.

r Lock Haven Police Detective and Sergeant Kristen Smith was appointed to the Clinton County Housing Authority for the remainder of a five year term ending Dec. 31, 2018.

r The board confirmed hiring Katie Lyn-Myers Pratt and James Michael Fedele as probation officer and probation officer trainee, respectively, at salaries of $34,68 and $31,354.

r The board established an as-yet filled position of development and compliance coordinator at the prison, citing the need to monitor federal and state regulations to reduce liabilities for the institution.

r The board approved county bills amounting to $359,291 for the period ending Feb. 15.