Lake appointed to Bellefonte Borough Council

Taylor Lake

BELLEFONTE — After failure for Bellefonte resident Evan Duffey to qualify for Bellefonte Borough Council’s vacant seat, members have appointed its second viable candidate for the seat.

In a 7 to 0 vote, with Councilman Joe Beigle excused from the meeting, borough council appointed Taylor Lake to the temporary council seat last night.

At the March 6 meeting, community member Evan Duffey, constable of Bellefonte and captain for Logan Fire Company No. 1, was appointed to fill the vacancy in a 5 to 4 vote. However, it turns out that he did not meet the residency requirements of a council seat. According to borough code, a council member has to live at least one year in the ward they intend to serve, and Duffey had not met the requirement.

Lake, a Democrat, was the other viable candidate who applied for the seat and is also on the ballot for the upcoming election for a two-year term for the South Ward. Duffey, a Democrat, is still also on the ballot for the upcoming term.

Lake said she has had several years experience as a lecturer of public speaker at Penn State, and she is a lifelong learner who enjoys holding various roles. She has been a resident of Bellefonte since 2012 and a resident of the South Ward for three years.

“I really want to start giving back to my community,” Lake said during her interview at the March 6 work session.

As part of finishing out former Councilman Kevin Clark’s term, Lake will serve as chair of the energy and environmental conservation committee. During the previous work session, Lake said she is an environmentalist and supports the borough’s recycling program, the town’s clean water and lower electricity rates.

Lake also holds several degrees, including a B.A. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, M.A.s in communication studies and American studies from Memphis State University and University of Iowa, respectively, and a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.

At the April 3 meeting, Lake will be sworn in by Mayor Tom Wilson.