Flags of Honor to fill Triangle Park again

LOCK HAVEN — Flags of Honor will return to Triangle Park for the Memorial Day weekend.

Full-size flags on 10-foot poles will fill the park with the stars and stripes. The moving display of flags will start the morning of Saturday, May 27, and the flags will stand as silent sentries to patriotism until sundown Monday, May 29.

Everyone interested may sponsor a flag in honor or in memory of a special someone.

Veterans and soldiers can be saluted with a flag. But so can a favorite teacher, friend, co-worker, relative, anyone who would appreciate the gesture.

Flag sponsorships are available for $35 each.

The deluxe package of $50 includes one flag sponsorship and an “Honor Those Who Serve” shirt.

Proceeds from the sponsorships will benefit nonprofit organizations.

Each flag pole will include a placard with the name of the person honored. In addition, the names of those honored and their sponsors will be published in The Express community newspaper and in a booklet that will be available at the park.

Flags of Honor is a project of the Rotary Club of Downtown Lock Haven, but it is the sponsors who really make it happen.

They understand how powerful it can be to honor someone in their life by including their name in the display of flags that is becoming a signature event in the downtown.

The number of flags has grown each year, and the city has graciously given permission for the park to continue to host the program.

The lined holes that hold the flagpoles are capped afterward and remain that way for most of the year. The Rotarians and their friends from other organizations want to uncap all of them, and even drill more holes to accommodate all the flags for 2017.

Once the flags are unfolded and placed on their poles, and the poles are placed in the ground, the park becomes a remarkable sight. People come to stroll through the display and read the names of those honored with the flags. The park also will host one of the VFW’s solemn ceremonies for Memorial Day.

At the end of the holiday weekend, each flag will be properly folded to await the next Flags of Honor display.

To sponsor a flag or for more information, see any Downtown Rotarian or contact Sue Foust at Rotarysue52@gmail.com, 570-893-1223 or 570-660-2581.

The deadline to sponsor a flag is May 16.