Library benefits from donations

LOCK HAVEN — Ross Library has benefited from memorials, honors and other donations received from March 1-31.

IN MEMORY OF: Michael Coleman from Mark and Elizabeth Seeber; Frank Dwyer from Lewis and Barbara Santonico; Caroline Diack Eisemann from Tina McGinnis; Frank Furl from Joanne Furl, H&R Block Employees; Susan M. Kramer from Judith Lantz and Family; Bobby and Ethel Larsen from Bob and Cis Larsen; Ralph Manno from St. Agnes Choir; Frances Mosser from Rick, Betsy, Lance and Claire Bowman; Ed and Connie Peiffer; Bruce and Connie Mosser; Frank D. O’Reilly from Mark and Elizabeth Seeber; Scott Walker, Woozie Walker, Flip Walker and Bill “Smitty” Smith; Ken and Carole Sohmer; John and Jeannine Lipez; Evangeline DeHaas Rupert from Ken and Linda Hinton, Ron and Sharon Davy; Bonnie Sanders from Germaine Weaver, Lewis and Susan Steinberg, Gerald and Frances Cierpilowski, James and Vonda Miller, Ronald and Sherry Haffley, Victor H. Campbell III, Sharon Suter, Donna Dashem, Robert and Melissa Miller, Fran Decker, Ruth Ellen Campbell, Gary Bastarache, Bruce and Linda Shorey, Ron and Carol Hodes, Paula D. Neyhart, Jim and Jeannie Bennett, Charles and Nancy Galgoci, Carson and Carol Brown, Ron and Ruth Berry, Bernard and Janet Zbicki, Bruce and Teresa Evans, Ted and Eileen Forbes, Ross Library Staff, John and Jeannine Lipez, Warren Pete; Sherman D. Shadle III from Nichole Shadle; Jean Snowiss from Gerald and Jerelyn Rosamilia, James and Carolyn Crays, Justin K. Houser; Patricia K. Strayer from Mark and ElizaBeth Seeber; June Walters from Pat Hackenberg.

IN HONOR OF: Mrs. Rebecca I. Korb from The Whitaker Family; Dr. Betty Schantz from Eleanor Kodish; Diane Whitaker from Eleanor Kodish, Sharon E. Taylor.

OTHER GIFTS AND DONATIONS: Avery Dennison; Wayne and Roberta Doyle; Grace Gardner; The Goulden Touch; Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hesler; Mark Leavitt; Joanne Lonkosky; Ed Robbins; Willits Copiers, Inc., City of Lock Haven, Clinton County Commissioners, Jeri Crissman, Sue Daniels, Naomi Drezner, Erla Mae Frederick, Becky Savani Gilbert, Jo Anne Hoberman, Deborah Laubscher and Alberta Smith.