Clinton prison sees a slight rise in inmate population

McELHATTAN — The tougher federal policy on immigration is having an impact on the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

The population of Homeland Security inmates has risen slightly, Warden John Rowley said.

Homeland Security’s law enforcement has increased with deportations, plus a couple of counties are communicating an increased need for Clinton to house its prisoners, Rowley explained.

In August, the prison saw its out-of-county inmate population rise to 135, up from 120 last year at this time.

In-county inmates totaled 100, compared to 85 last year in August.

Those numbers aren’t huge, but do represent “the ebb and flow of population,” the warden explained.

Two out of every three inmates here are not from Clinton County. They’re from other counties, from Homeland Security, U.S. Marshal’s Service, or the state Department of Corrections,” he said.

Also, he explained, “local communities will sometimes have a spike of activity” when, for example, they focus on a certain criminal activity.

Homeland Security will use the county prison to keep inmates for temporary stays on their way to court hearings or even deportation, Rowley said.