No hurricanes headed this way

LOCK HAVEN — They’ve been the talk of the town — the whole country for that matter– as people everywhere have been glued to their televisions watching Hurricanes Harvey and Irma spread their wrath through one community after the other.

Those here in Central Pennsylvania are heart sick for those down south who’ve been hit by these monsters and grateful that our little part of the world isn’t among those being terrorized.

Still, we wonder if the aftermath of Harvey and Irma will bring any severe weather our way.

Accuweather meteorologist Tom Kines answered that question Tuesday.

“We’ll get a little bit,” Kines said, “but nothing significant.”

He said people in this area will experience some of small bouts of rain, but that’s all.

“The most likely time frame is late Wednesday night into Thursday,” he said.

But by Saturday things should be looking up and a pleasant weekend with temperatures in the 70’s is in the forecast.