Buffalo Bills drumline to perform stage show at Flaming Foliage

KEVIN RAUCH/FOR THE EXPRESS DownBeat Percussion, the official drumline of the Buffalo Bills, will be making two appearances on Saturday in Renovo. First, the unit will take to the streets of Renovo for the 69th annual Parade of Queens. Following the parade the group will perform their stage show near the Lutheran Church on 11th Street so that all those shopping at the Craft Show can enjoy even more music from the drumming act.

RENOVO — Every year the community of Renovo welcomes thousands of family members and visitors to their town for the annual Flaming Foliage Festival.

A gala parade on Saturday is always a big draw as the streets are lined with men, women and children enjoying dozens of floats and marching units.

This year, the parade committee has added something special to Saturday’s schedule, and it’s sure to make the trip to Western Clinton County even more memorable.

Parade chairperson Pattie Rauch works all year long to recruit bands and other musical units to come to the festival and join the Parade of Queens.

It’s admittedly been a struggle, as some schools no longer have bands while others have prior commitments, she said.

But this year, Pattie is excited with what she’s accomplished.

Last year, DownBeat Percussion– the official drum line of the Buffalo Bills — made their inaugural trip to the FFF parade. The performance of the New York state band was so successful that they’ve agreed to march again this year.

But there’s more.

They’ve also agreed to an encore performance after the parade.

Following Saturday’s parade, DownBeat Percussion will go to the heart of town and perform their stage show on the street. The performance will be near the Lutheran Church parking lot on 11th Street. Those shopping at the nearby Craft Show will be able to hear the music. Of course many more will likely set themselves up so they can watch the performance.

“We had great feedback last year for DownBeat Percussion” Pattie said. “It’s typical for people to ask if the St. Joe’s Alumni Band is returning every year. But last year we heard similar things regarding DownBeat,” she said.

Pattie said she makes it a point to extend her appreciation to all of the bands that make it to Renovo every year. It’s obvious that the bands are the parade organizers’ favorite part of the show.

“The Bucktail Alumni Band is coming back. We’re all excited about that and I can’t begin to tell you the admiration that I have for Cameron County, Central Mountain, Sugar Valley Rural Charter School, St. Joe’s and the Penn York Highlanders for their commitment to our parade every year,” Pattie said.

The 69th version of the Parade of Queens will feature 25 units and seven floats in competition as well as dozens of other entrants taking part in the march through town.

As for the Craft Show, Rauch continues to balance bringing back everyone’s favorite vendors while continuing to look for new merchants offering a different variety of food and wares. This year 17 new vendors will help make up the line-up of nearly 150 peddlers.

With so much going on this weekend it may be hard to believe, but behind the scenes the volunteers on the FFF committee will be keeping an eye aimed towards next years’ milestone 70th annual FFF weekend. Past Queens will be invited to return to Renovo in October of 2018 and the committee plans many other surprises, as well.

Next year will certainly be special, but right now it’s all about the next 72 hours that many people will be spending in the Renovo area and the25 queens and escorts who have been selected to make the trip to the 69th Annual Flaming Foliage Festival.