Preschoolers celebrate Thanksgiving in style


LOCK HAVEN — There was a lot of excitement in the preschool room at the Lock Haven YMCA on Tuesday morning as the 3-5 year-old boys and girls made two fresh pumpkin pies …. just like the ones made by generations to top off Thanksgiving Day dinner.

One group of younsters put all the ingredients for the pumpkin filling in a big silver bowl, carefully measuring each one, and then cracking the eggs and adding them to the mixture. Then they stirred and stirred… each child taking a turn with the big yellow spoon… until the filling was ready for the pie crust.

Meanwhile, the other group of pre-schoolers was busy at another table making the pie crusts.

Once again, measuring the proper amount of ingredients was important. They carefully used a little cup to fill a two-cup measuring cup with flour and then poured it into another big silver bowl. The other ingredients followed quickly.

And then the real fun began, as the girls and boys had an opportunity to get their little hands all gooey by mixing the dough and then using a rolling pin to roll it into the size needed to cover the bottom of the pie pans.

The little ones… who numbered 15… were very patient and attentive to the process, listening closely as teachers talked about each ingredient and allowed them to smell the pumpkin mixture.

“That smells really good,” one little girl said.

As they looked at the two pies ready for the oven, another child asked what was next.

“Bake them and eat them for lunch,” was the answer from one of the teacher.

Smiles erupted on their faces as they realized they would get to taste this wonderful concoction that they had just made themselves.

They were so proud of what they had done and anxious to go home and tell their families that they learned how to make pumpkin pie… and even got to eat it when it was done.

This project was just one of many that the children participated in for the Thanksgiving Day holiday at the YMCA. They also talked about the pilgrims and the Indians and made pilgrim hats and Indian bands with feathers.

After the pies were in the oven, the boys and girls put on their special hats and posed in front of a giant turkey that nearly covered one of the walls in their classroom for a group picture.

Some of them smiled for the camera.

Some were poker-faced.

Others displayed their unique personalities.

Oh, those precious little ones… a reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about.